Axsion is Software development brand of ITService company which primary focus is to provide transperant and qulity outsourcing solutions such as software development, product development, Information tehcnology Process development and many more.

Our Story

We are software developers which for many years had worked over various of sectors and Tech companies. Which have provided to us not only great deal of tech expiriance but also with good knowledge over business visibility, business cases and the udnerstadning that it is not always the case that we need to push new technology, but to provide the right one!
Other thing that we understood while we were drifitng from company to company was that, outsourcoung is notoriously fames, for bad quality, poor social skilled specialists and very poor language, which at some point have leaded that many tech experts were named bad profesionals because of that.

the Change

After many year we decided that it is time for us to stand! To change the Outsourcing fame and to show to the world, that it is okey to outsource and it can provide really good benifits, transperancy and quality and yes not always outsoucing is for the cheapest team, but most of the time it is for the right persons combined.


Now we are happy that our brand is going across all boarders and we can provide good quallity services to everyone who needs it! We have many succsess stories, many sleeples nights and many thought splits but this all was for a good! As we are now rapidly growing not only with employees and friends but also with clients. So why don't you join our ecosystem? Drop fiew lines over our email and we will be in touch with you soon!'